Men have sat in circle for centuries, mostly around a fire. They drew upon the energy of the community to explore their dreams and visions, to connect with their true self authentically….and to be in the presence of other committed men as they grew.

Join us as we:

Center – as men grounded in the here and now
Gather – as we listen deeply to each other’s stories
Connect – as we choose another to walk with – shoulder to shoulder
Release – as we let go of the ways that no longer serve us
Serve – as we honor the earth and serve the whole human community

TONY PELUSI,  is a life coach & lawyer who is dedicated to helping successful professionals transform themselves from human doings into the human beings they aspire to (and used to) be. He has lived with the stress of juggling career, family, civic, and social responsibilities. He now holds open the doors of discovery to help his coaching clients construct the support structures they need to achieve their dreams.

Upcoming Dates
September 20th

October 25th

November 15th

December 13th

7p- 8:30p

$29 per session

sessions will be held at Skin to Soul, Woburn, please call, email or book your space online

All sessions take place at our studio at 800 West Cummings Park Suite 3950, Woburn

For more information or to book your session,

Call: (781) 435-0587


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