Myofascial Release Self-Care Class in Woburn

After your initial myofascial release treatment in our studio in Woburn, you can actually continue your treatment at home once you’ve been properly trained. Skin to Soul wants our clients to continue experiencing the benefits of myofascial release, which can include increased blood flow through your body, the relaxation of tensed muscles, and relief from pain symptoms. Many of our clients who struggle with chronic pain such as headaches or backaches swear by myofascial release for relief. Now they can learn more about how to care for themselves at home. Classes are offered in day or evening sessions, and class sizes are limited so you get the one-on-one attention you need to learn your new skills.

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Skin to Soul offers 5-week myofascial release stretch courses that teach you to care for yourself and heal your body. Taught by two compassionate, knowledgeable myofascial release therapists, you’ll learn the proper stretching techniques for your particular problem areas as well as how to connect with your body and apply self-care. You’ll leave this class arms with the tools you need in order to care for your own body.

Sign Up for a 5 week Myofascial Release Stretch Course

  • Receive an introduction to Myofascial Release
  • Learn stretching techniques to help problem areas
  • Learn and apply myofascial self-care
  • Listen and connect with your body
  • Learn how to appropriately use myofascial tools
  • Much more!

Stay tune for the next in-studio stretch class series. In the meantime, check out our online stretch class, from the comfort of your own home! Click below.