The nine months of pregnancy are hard on a woman’s body. While holding your beautiful baby is more than worth it in the end, finding any way to make the duration of your pregnancy better is not uncommon. Between the bloating, morning sickness and the excess of hormones, your body is in a state of shock and change. One way that many women have found comfort and positive results is through prenatal massages.

During the early stages of your pregnancy, a prenatal massage will feel very similar to a Swedish massage, but sensitive parts of your body will be avoided during the session. Your physical therapist will also work on acupressure points and check for excessive swelling or other signs of problems. During the later stages of your pregnancy, the massage will be given with the mother on her side, with pillows and cushions supporting the legs and belly for comfort, making sure that the mother-to-be is comfortable during the process.

A variety of studies have shown that massage therapy that is performed throughout a pregnancy has strongly correlated with lower reduced anxiety, less aches and joint pain, a decrease of depression and reduced swelling. Prenatal massages have also proven to be beneficial to the labor process and improve the outcomes of your newborn’s health. Along with that, mothers can expect relief from a variety of everyday symptoms such as headaches and aching.

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