Who is YOUR Spirit Animal?

Throughout our lives we have all had the experience of “giving our power away” or feeling it was taken from us, leaving us with the sense of not being whole, and wondering what was missing. This loss of power, otherwise known as Chi, Prana or Soul, can cause us to feel out of touch with our bodies and with our lives & causes illness, depression, pain, & fatigue. This weekend workshop will give you the opportunity to retrieve your vital essence through Shamanic journeying, Sound Healing, Myofascial Movement, Art & Ceremony all done in a supportive & empowering group environment. When we experience life with this vital essence, then, we are connected to the flow of life & we feel healthier, happier, and more energized.

MOLLY MCMILLAN is an Expert Level Myofascial Release Practitioner and Shamanic Healer with over 30 years of experience. Molly created this workshop in 2006, as a way to guide others in retrieving their own soul parts. It has since evolved and been offered many times in NY, NH, RI, and MA.

We start at 7pm Friday 9/7 with a Sound Bath by Michelle Marie Sawtell and end 1pm Sunday 9/9

Cost: $235 tor all (inc. lodging & food) if registered by 8/24
($265 after 8/24)

Please join us, and re-discover the power that is your birthright.

This special workshop is being held at Nicole Russo’s home in North Reading.
For more information and to register: Email info@monadnockmfr.com

All sessions take place at our studio at 800 West Cummings Park Suite 3950, Woburn

For more information or to book your session,

Call: (781) 435-0587

Email: skintosoulreception@gmail.com