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Our Logo

I created the Skin to Soul logo to remind me of the the blue of the sky, the green of the trees, and the white of the clouds, to bring me back to what my Dad had taught me. 

 I knew the true journey now, was to come home to myself. To learn to love myself. To love my life.  “look your life” This is represented by the big heart in the middle of the person on our logo. She is surrounded by many others (in blue), holding hands behind her. Supporting her. To make a change. To love her life.

All those people, all those little hands represent us at Skin to Soul, surrounding you in the support you need, providing this safe space to be able to find a different way.

I created Skin to Soul to reach a hand out to help you to also see your own beauty, to see your own happiness, and to live your life, pain free.

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