Treat Yourself to a Myofascial Release Retreat

A Myofascial Release Retreat is an individualized program specifically designed to overcome chronic pain and mobility issues. It is a series of Myofascial Release Treatments that allows you to free up fascial restriction and help your body return to its natural fluid state.

A Myofascial Release Retreat is a series of three (3) 60 minute treatments per day for 3- 10 days with a John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist. This is a total of nine (9), fifteen (15), or thirty (30) sessions. It is composed of three key elements: Evaluation, Therapy and Self-Care instructions.

Our experience has shown that a minimum of two to three weeks of comprehensive Myofascial Release treatments, multiple times a day by our team of highly experience therapist is necessary and realistic for the resolution of longstanding complex problems.