deep tissueThe body is constructed in a way that when one part is affected, it tends to snowball into other parts of our bodies. This is especially true for the times that our body carries stress. While we carry emotional stress in our emotions, our bodies take the biggest toll and carry it in our shoulders, spine and muscles. For this exact reason, it’s important to release the built up pressure for a body to function healthy.

At Skin to Soul, we offer a variety of massages, one of the types of massage that we offer is known as a deep tissue massage. These therapeutic massage works the deepest layers of your muscle tissue, fascia and muscle tendons in order to release any chronic muscle tension that could have been caused by stress, injury, posture or other forms of our day to day life.

The way that this massage is able to achieve this is by putting pressure onto the areas that are holding on to this tension and working it until the muscle loosens up and is able to release it.

Because these deep rooted muscles protect bones, joints and all surrounding muscles, it’s incredibly important that these muscles are regularly worked. Individuals who have participated in deep tissue massages have been shown to have their blood pressure lower after one single session, so you can only imagine the effects it would have on your mental, physical and emotional health after a routine has been created for your sessions.

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