katie1Katie Brockway is a John Barnes trained Advanced Level Myofascial Release therapist and Reiki Master in Massachusetts and has been working in Woburn at Skin to Soul since 2013. She is currently filming and editing a documentary about Myofascial Unwinding and is the co-creator of the Myofascial Self Care Course Online.  Katie has a particular interest in unwinding, the energetic side of Myofascial Release and the emotional clearing which can occur during treatment.  She believes this is a key to living a more joyful, fulfilling and pain-free life.  She has great success with her clients’ pain relief in balancing the pelvis and addressing the neck, jaw and headaches.

Before pursuing a career in the healing arts, Katie studied Fine Art and French at Skidmore College, graduating with a BS in 2008.  In 2011 she completed Prana Power Yoga’s Assistant training program and assisted students in classes for a year. During her time as a yoga assistant she realized the profound potential of the power of therapeutic touch.  Inspired by her yoga experiences, Katie attended The Massage School in Acton, MA where she completed their 800hr program including more than 200 clinic hours. She has also studied Zen Shiatsu and teaches Reiki certification courses.  In her free time, she is making video art, doing her own self-care and spiritual work, painting and enjoying the outdoors.