Change Your Life With Hypnotherapy Sessions in Woburn

If you are searching for a way to bring more healing and wellness into your life, hypnotherapy may be exactly what you’ve been searching for in Woburn. Hypnotherapy bypasses your conscious mind and speaks to the subconscious, the seat of your behaviors. Speaking directly to this area of your mind and correctly the behavior that’s driven from there can help you overcome hurtful habits that are taking away from the quality of your life or even negatively affecting your health. Those habits may include smoking, over-eating, or other self-harming behaviors. Our highly-trained hypnotherapist will take the time to speak to you about your goals and help you set intentions for your sessions. You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make in your life!

Call to Start Your Hypnotherapy Sessions in Woburn

Give us a call at 781-435-0587 or use the contant form on our website to reach out to our team. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a time that works with your busy schedule to start your hypnotherapy sessions. This treatment could be one facet of your individualized care plan! We offer various treatments that can work together to help you meet your wellness goals. Be sure to start your time with Skin to Soul with a wellness evaluation so you can get your individualized care plan to help you overcome emotional and physical pain and experience real wellness.


Learn More About Our Hypnotherapist in Woburn

Dorothea always offers a FREE introductory 15-20 minute phone consultation to new clients. This gives her a chance to learn what their goals are regarding the changes they wish to bring into their lives, and gives the client a chance to ask her any questions they might have about hypnotherapy. Following that phone call, in-office hypnotherapy sessions are 75 minutes. Your investment in you: a single session is $115, and discounts are available on 2 and 3 appointment packages.

Please call her at (781) 720-9216 to arrange for your phone consultation and to book your appointment.

Dorothea holds Magna Cum Laude degrees in Psychology, Mathematics and Secondary Education. She is a hospital-trained and certified hypnotherapist, master-clinical hypnotherapist and an instructor of hypnotherapy. Dorothea is also a certified Reiki Master & Teacher. She established her therapeutic modalities counseling in 2001. She is experienced in writing and presenting seminars and programs themed to help people be better, do better and feel better. Dorothea has developed a specialized program for presentation in small and large companies designed to help employees and employers reduce and manage stress. Her interests and avocations include exercising and teaching dance, fashion design & creation, writing poetry (she has read some of her works on local cable TV), gardening, and is an avid reader. Dorothea always offers a FREE 20 minute phone conversation to new clients and will book your appointment for you. Please call Dorothea directly at (781) 720-9216. You may also visit her website