Hi. My name is Everett O’Neal, Licensed Massage Therapist. I completed my massage education and certification at the Cortiva Massage Institute in Boston, MA in March of 2016. I graduated top of my class that year and have continued my education on a bi-weekly basis. I am working at present on attaining my medical massage certification. My current certifications include Swedish Massage, Pre-, Mid-, and Post-Sports Massage, Myofascial Massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology for Stress, and Hot Stone Massage.

Massage is my passion as it allows me to impact people’s lives in real tangible ways through increased physical, mental, and emotional well-being by exercising my craft. I love to work with clients by help them progress session by session to a healthier and more fulfilled life through the benefits of massage. I await the opportunity to work with you if you would allow me to be a part of your journey.