1. Why aren’t I living my dreams?

    Dreams are the picture-making power of your imagination. They are the stuff which life, hope, love, fun, adventure and accomplishments are made. Respect and nurture your dreams- believe in them- and bring them into the sunshine and light. It is said there isn't one person in a thousand who can write down their most exciting dreams and aspirations, without telling themselves why all those dreams an…Read More

  2. 12 Tips to Enhance Your Myofascial Release Treatment Session

    1. Listen to your body before, during and after your treatment. Make note of any areas of redness, tenderness, tightness and tingling on the body. This will give us a good starting point for your next session. 2. Redefine your general idea of “Pain.” Allow yourself to soften your experience of pain. Instead of identifying with the pain, become aware of the “sensation” occurring in your bod…Read More

  3. My jaw hurts and It’s not from talking…

    As both a therapist and a patient who has dealt with jaw pain I have many insights to share on how your pain may be treated and what you may expect. TMJ stands for Temporal Mandibular Joint (your jaw joint) and we all have two of them. Some of us may have dysfunction in one or both joints which can put pressure on the disc and cause pain. Other common symptoms related to TMJ pain or dysfunction ca…Read More

  4. What type of headache are you experiencing?

    There are several types of headaches you may be experiencing and each headache may not be the same, let Skin to Soul help you navigate through treatment for the “pain in your head”. Cervicogenic Headache This type of headache is actually caused by your neck! The neck, or cervical region, is triggering a headache that often moves up the base of your skull into the temple or behind your eye. Thi…Read More