1. Should You Still Get a Massage if You’re Sick?

    Working tirelessly week after week can suppress your immune system, and when you’re finally feeling relief, there’s a chance you may end up getting sick. Why? Because your body is in flight or fight mode when you’re stressed, it works its hardest to keep you healthy. As soon as you let your guard down, though, you’re likely to catch a bug. What if you had a massage appointment scheduled? U…Read More

  2. Myofascial Release V. Massage, How to Make the Right Choice for You, Part 1

    Here you are, ready to make an appointment for that nagging pain in your...back, neck, shoulders, elbow (you get the picture) to finally get some relief. As you start searching around for a massage center that will help you, you notice this other technique people keep talking about. Myofascial Release. Hmm. Didn’t they mention that stuff in the Olympics last year? If it’s good enough for athle…Read More

  3. Can You Get a Massage While On Your Period?

    Every woman who has gone to a massage therapist has had the thought, “Can I get a massage if I’m on my period?” The simple and most straightforward answer you’ll ever receive from us is, yes! You can get a massage if you’re on your period. Although you may not feel at your best, that’s more of a reason to visit our massage therapists for a much-needed massage. Why get a massage when me…Read More

  4. Is Getting a Massage While Pregnant Safe?

    Whether you’ve been pregnant before and experienced the back pain yourself or you’ve heard many of the horror stories, including how much back pain you may experience just from being pregnant, you’ll need to relieve the discomfort you feel. This may seem like a simple task, but some women may struggle with achieving their desired outcome: Progressing through a pain-free pregnancy. Prenatal m…Read More

  5. Why Relaxing is Great for Your Body, Mind and Soul

    2016 is coming to an end, and many people wish it had come sooner. Unfortunately, it’s still a few days away, and there are some wonderful things you can do to start off your the new year right: Relaxing. Relaxing gives your body exactly what it needs, and it’ll help you start 2017 off on the right foot. So, how do you relax? By scheduling a massage, of course! Reasons to Schedule a Massage an…Read More

  6. Top Reasons To Schedule a Massage

    At Skin To Soul, we don’t think you need a reason to schedule a massage with us. We know the many wonderful benefits of a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly massage, and hope you do to! Because the importance of massage goes unnoticed most of the time, we wanted to share some incredible reasons why you too, may want to indulge in a massage more frequently than you have in the past. From our therapeut…Read More

  7. Schedule a Myofascial Release For These Reasons

    Massage should be incorporated into your monthly routine. Think about your routine for a minute. What do you make sure to do every month? Do you take your dog for a daily run? How about going to the gym three times per week? Do you catch up with friends every other Friday? Or, do you make it a point to go get a massage at Soul To Skin in Woburn? Whatever makes you happy, keeps you healthy and give…Read More

  8. Why Choose Myofascial Massage Over the Rest?

    Myofascial release is a great technique to use if you’re searching for an act of healing through therapeutic massage. Not only will you help your body’s ability to heal faster, but you’ll relieve stress. Whether you’ve been pushing yourself harder than normal in the gym or you’ve been staying up late catching up on work, a massage therapist in Woburn is exactly what you need. But, what t…Read More

  9. Advantages of Myofascial Release

    Massage is a wonderful technique that allows for the body to heal incredibly faster from many injuries and stressors. Whether you’ve been kicking your own booty in the gym and you’re extremely sore or you’ve been putting in over-time at work and your back feels ready to break, our massage therapists at Skin To Soul have the answer: Myofascial massage. During this series you will be able to r…Read More