dreamstime_xxl_33263156Myofascial release is a great technique to use if you’re searching for an act of healing through therapeutic massage. Not only will you help your body’s ability to heal faster, but you’ll relieve stress. Whether you’ve been pushing yourself harder than normal in the gym or you’ve been staying up late catching up on work, a massage therapist in Woburn is exactly what you need. But, what type of massage do we recommend over all the rest? Myofascial release. If you’re reading our blog today, you’ve joined our blog series on the 5 Amazing benefits of the Myofascial Technique. Continue reading to learn more and be sure to catch up on our past blogs.

5 Amazing Benefits of the Myofascial Technique Continued

Reduces muscle soreness.

When you decide to schedule a myofascial release, your body will experience an increase in blood flow. When blood flow is increased, your connective tissues and muscles will receive more blood flowing in and out of the belly of the muscle and/or tissues. This alone will help to reduce the amount of next-day soreness or pain you experience post-workout.

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Our therapists know how to make you feel better. With therapeutic touch, stretching and good intentions, our massage therapists are the perfect tool to allow your body to heal and feel better than it did. Join Skin To Soul in Woburn online today to schedule a much-needed massage, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the myofascial technique. In the meantime, stay tuned for another wonderful benefits in our next blog: Schedule a Myofascial Release For These Reasons.

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