Before I first started my Myofascial Journey, I had no idea what body awareness really meant. All I knew was that my back hurt sometimes. And then that sometimes became sort of an every night ache.  I attributed it to working two full time jobs or what happens when you get old.

Little did I know, my body was trying to talk to me. 

And even then, I PUSHED through the pain, or ignored the pain, telling myself, “Oh, that will just go away”. And, sometimes it did. But, most of the time it got worse. Until finally one day, I was kneeling at my desk at work instead of sitting, because my back hurt so bad. That day, as I kneeled in my conference calls, I got a lot of strange looks.

My body was trying to tell me, “STOP! This is NOT working!”

And you know what? Even then, I didn’t get it. Sometimes we really do need a big slap in the face to “WAKE UP”.  I remember being doubled over in stomach pain on my bed on Easter Sunday, stopped dead in my tracks from preparing a meal for my family because of the pain. My sister looked at me and said,

“Nicole, your job is killing you. What the heck are you doing?”  

DISCLAIMER: I don’t recommend everyone going on out and quitting their jobs! That just happened to be my path in life. I was not living my purpose. I was not listening in to when I needed to slow down, relax, and have a little fun. I was not taking care of my poor tired body. I was doing, doing, doing, succeeding, and still feeling left empty and full of crazy pain!

So, I decided to start listening, instead.

It was an illuminating process to start connecting into my body, tapping into the pain sensations and starting to communicate with them. Slowing down. BREATHING. My Myofascial Therapist guided me on my path, showing me different Myofascial Tricks to start becoming aware of my body and start releasing some of that built up tension and pain.


Quick check: Are you breathing right now? Like, really breathing? No? Well, how bout sucking in your belly? uh huh…bracing your shoulders? How’s that jaw feeling?  yup. You’re not the only one….


Knowing how to connect in with your body and its sensations is integral to the first step in Myofascial Self Care. As John Barnes’ has put it, Without Awareness, There is no Choice. Without awareness of what is really bothering us, how can we begin to help ourselves?

At Skin to Soul, we educate our clients in this integral secret of Myofascial Release. We work with them in understanding what it means to feel into their bodies, to breathe deeply. To locate the pain and then to feel into it right down to the roots, so that it can be removed.

We are all on the journey with you.

We understand what it takes to slow down, have patience and listen. And we are equipped to help you do the same.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment, please feel free to give us a call or book an appointment online now. We have experienced therapists available daily to help get you started on your journey to health, happiness and pain free living!

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