Massage is a wonderful technique that allows for the body to heal incredibly faster from many injuries and stressors. Whether you’ve been kicking your own booty in the gym and you’re extremely sore or you’ve been putting in over-time at work and your back feels ready to break, our massage therapists at Skin To Soul have the answer: Myofascial massage. During this series you will be able to read about increased blood flow and many other benefits of the myofascial release technique used by our massage therapists in Woburn. Continue reading to learn more advantages.

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5 Amazing Benefits of the Myofascial Technique Continued

Improved range of motion.

The first benefit and this one go hand-in-hand. If your muscles are sore, it’s inevitable that you’ll have reduced range of motion. By increasing the blood flow in and around the affected areas, you’ll be able to enjoy improved range of motion. How? The myofascial technique releases adhesions that have been built up within your muscles and connective tissues, giving you the ability to move as freely as your joints permit.

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