There are so many ways to correctly prepare yourself for the upcoming marathon you’re running. The Boston Marathon has over 30,000 participants, and with that comes plenty of sore legs. The muscles you use to run vary, but all have one thing in common: Soreness. We’ve recently covered how to take care of yourself after running the Boston Marathon, but what about before the race? How should you properly prepare your body for the 26.2 mile run ahead of you? Here are some helpful tips.

#1 Schedule a massage 5 days out from the big day.

The Boston Marathon is being held on Monday, April 17, 2017. This only means you need to schedule your pre-race massage on the Wednesday before your race. Scheduling your massage on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, will give your muscles enough time to get ready for the big day. Why? It promotes healing and blood circulation, both of which you need plenty of during the race. The 5 days before the marathon will give your body just enough time to heal and prepare.

#2 Ask for A.R.T. Massage, or Active Release Therapy.

Active Release Therapy is a type of massage that targets the belly of your muscles. After training for months, your body will be tired and in need of healing. A.R.T. will help to relieve scar tissue build up, muscle soreness and muscle tightness. Additionally, the blood flow your muscles will receive can’t be beaten. Flushing out old blood with new can enhance the healing of your muscles and get them ready to perform for you the way you expect.

#3 Can’t make an appointment 5 days out from your race work? Schedule a Swedish massage 1 day out from the race.

If you can’t make your schedule work 5 days out from the race, the day prior is a must. However,  be sure you don’t ask for Active Release Therapy. You’ll want to get your muscles relaxed and the blood flowing, which is why we highly recommend you stick with a lighter, more relaxing form of massage: Swedish. This type of massage will help to reduce tension your muscles are holding, but it isn’t meant to break down scar tissue. Getting old blood out and new blood into your muscles is the goal of a pre-race Swedish massage, and it can certainly help you feel loose and ready for the grueling 26.2 miles ahead of you.

#4 Massage circulates old and new blood out and into your muscles.

Your muscles need to be taken care of before and after a marathon. If you have been utilizing massage therapy during your training program up to this point, skipping out on one during the week of your race is an absolute no-no. Take care of your body; after all, it takes care of you!

Schedule a massage before the Boston Marathon now! We’re bound to get booked soon. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online!