dreamstime_xxl_62925350Massage should be incorporated into your monthly routine. Think about your routine for a minute. What do you make sure to do every month? Do you take your dog for a daily run? How about going to the gym three times per week? Do you catch up with friends every other Friday? Or, do you make it a point to go get a massage at Soul To Skin in Woburn? Whatever makes you happy, keeps you healthy and gives you the motivation to push forward next month, we expect you to do it; massage is no exception. In our previous posts, we’ve been giving readers the benefits they need to know about myofascial release. Continue reading to learn more.

5 Amazing Benefits of the Myofascial Technique Continued

Maintain normal muscular length and function.

Through myofascial release, you’ll be able to keep a healthy muscle length and you will have higher chances of your muscle staying healthy. A healthy muscle is a happy muscle and a happy muscle is one that keeps regular length. When you workout or do repetitive motions, your muscles will start to hold onto tension. Repeated tension will only shorten muscle length, giving you pain and soreness in return. To avoid pain and soreness, and to keep your body healthy and strong, give myofascial release a try.

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