1. Which kind of Headache do you have?

    Which kind of Headache do you have? There are several types of headaches you may be experiencing and each headache may not be the same. Cluster  Headache Cluster headaches are named for their cyclical pattern where symptoms are often clustered together. Cluster periods may last from a few days to a few months but are followed by periods of remission. Often, a cluster headache will present waking …Read More

  2. Plantar Fasciitis

    Plantar Fasciitis Plantar fascia is a thick band of a particular type of connective tissue called fascia. Some people refer to plantar fascia as a ligament because it has strong connections to the calcaneus and metatarsals; however it is a continuous web of tissue with particularly thick areas running between those bones. The plantar fascia provides structure and support to your foot as well as sh…Read More

  3. Top 5 Massages For Body Pain Relief

    Massage is one of the best and most relaxing modalities used to ease body pain. There’s no doubt about it; people looking to feel great again will reap amazing benefits from massage. However, there are five different styles of massage that can get your body back into the pain-free, relaxed state you love. 5 Massages You’ll Want to Try if You Want Pain Relief #1 Myofascial Massage The most imp…Read More

  4. Is Massage Painful?

    Massage is a great part of anyone’s day. Whether you’re visiting us to relieve pain or stress, our massage therapists are here to give you a great feeling. With that being said, when receiving a deep tissue massage, does pain indicate a good massage or a bad one? Well, that all depends! There are many different modalities of massage offered, some of which are comforting and others that may not…Read More

  5. Should You Get a Massage Before Your Race?

    There are so many ways to correctly prepare yourself for the upcoming marathon you’re running. The Boston Marathon has over 30,000 participants, and with that comes plenty of sore legs. The muscles you use to run vary, but all have one thing in common: Soreness. We’ve recently covered how to take care of yourself after running the Boston Marathon, but what about before the race? How should you…Read More

  6. The #1 Secret to a Successful Myofascial Release Treatment

    Before I first started my Myofascial Journey, I had no idea what body awareness really meant. All I knew was that my back hurt sometimes. And then that sometimes became sort of an every night ache.  I attributed it to working two full time jobs or what happens when you get old. Little did I know, my body was trying to talk to me.  And even then, I PUSHED through the pain, or ignored the pain, t…Read More

  7. Should You Schedule a Massage After the Boston Marathon?

    A marathon, you’ll run 26.2 miles and afterward your body will feel tired, achy and if you’re lucky, numb. If you’re wanting to give back to your body for providing you with the strength and stamina to make it through all 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon, it’s time for you to schedule a massage with our team here in Woburn. Here’s how a massage can help you after you run 26.2 miles down…Read More

  8. Loving Yourself By Recognizing Negative Beliefs About Weight

    Myofascial Release Can Help With Negative Body Image Myofascial Release Can Change Lives Sometimes it can be hard to describe to our clients how Myofascial Release Treatments can change their lives in ways they didn’t expect. There are so many intangible shifts that can start to occur once you start getting regular Myofascial Release sessions that you don’t even realize are a part of your heal…Read More

  9. How Massage Helps Relieve Anxiety

    Anxiety, it’s a huge part of the world we live in today. Whether you experience anxiety every day or you don’t have to deal with it that often, it’s an impactful emotion that has the ability to destroy your day-to-day living. And like we said, not all individuals experience it regularly; however, if you do, it’s vital you find ways to resolve it naturally to live life the way you’d like …Read More

  10. John Barnes Myofascial Release Reduces Inflammation

    Skin To Soul Myofascial Release Center A Myofascial Release session feels good, but does it actually do anything?   A University Professor of Physiology has made a very interesting discovery about your body’s inflammatory reduction when your fascia is under sustained pressure and it looks promising. Dr. Paul Standley from The University of Arizona has studied the effects of sustained holds on f…Read More