marya-employee-pageMarya is an Advanced JFB-MFR Therapist, with 10+ years of experience as a licensed massage therapist. Prior to this, she planned for a career as a chef, but had to stop working after only a few years when the pain and discomfort of living with fibromyalgia became overwhelming. Western Medicine’s approach to addressing pain and depression hadn’t helped her, so she began to learn alternative methods and help herself instead. This sparked her desire to help others.

After completing the 750 hour program at the Elizabeth Grady School of Massage Therapy in Medford in 2006, Marya started her own mobile bodywork practice. Through her work with clients and on herself, she came to understand that while addressing physical pain/discomfort offers relief, actually using the pain/discomfort as a means of accessing the deep emotions at the root of the physical problem leads to healing. Exploring this concept lead her, as a client, to John Barnes’ MFR, and after a short time of receiving MFR treatment, Marya saw improvement in her health and a profound shift in her thinking. She began training with John Barnes in 2014 and JFB-MFR became the only bodywork technique she practices.

Marya is also pursuing a 200+ hour certification in Sound Therapy thru 9 Ways Academia, studying the art and science of using sound and vibration for human healing. She has found her work with gongs and singing bowls to be a powerful complement to MFR.